idk i was practicing

north, jane, and gou

and now we bring you the new installment of ‘ivori draws dumb pictures based on real people’ 


big brother’s watching you.


new jane glasses yay~

aaaand the alpha kids

no but seriously look how cute these are

(edit: fine fuck you tumblr I’ll upload the stitched version since you’re obviously so determined to not put them side by side >:P)

good afternoon tumblr I have arrived also have this picture of me as jane from forever ago


more sketchesss.



havent drawn in a while so i doodled a jane….. ( u,v u)

I know the feels janey…v-v”this is rly cute~ <3 


havent drawn in a while so i doodled a jane….. ( u,v u)

I know the feels janey…v-v”
this is rly cute~ <3 

image iamnotahomosexual replied to your post: speaking of which…

hooooooooooooly poop what about maybe jane maybe

finished! go take a peek at your page~ ^u^

uhhhh well this sure is some lesbians! :T


it took me like three hours just to do the lines for this jeez

oh well here it is finished. The alpha kids are waiting for a train and cuddling and shit. this wound up kinda more as a practice in perspective and background than anything, but I still like how it came out.

if anyone wants to color this or whatever, let me know and I’ll send you the sai/psd file for it because I really don’t think I wanna put another three or four hours into colors on this… oTL

oh look I got bitch slapped with inspiration 

here have a WIP in which the alpha kids are waiting for a train and I suck at backgrounds and really pretty much anything that isn’t dorky cuddles

luckily there are some of those in the foreground




I made several version of these… and I actually like this one better… ; 7 ;

anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR! <3

I’ve been waiting all day for this~!

This is really beautiful. o:

dfskjsdjksgkj so PRETTY OMG *_*

I finally jumped on the badwagon


okay so I know it was actually only one day but CHRIST this fandom is too fast. it feels like longer =-=;;

anyway, Jane and Jake!