idk i was practicing

north, jane, and gou

no but seriously look how cute these are

(edit: fine fuck you tumblr I’ll upload the stitched version since you’re obviously so determined to not put them side by side >:P)


havent drawn in a while so i doodled a jane….. ( u,v u)

I know the feels janey…v-v”
this is rly cute~ <3 

image iamnotahomosexual replied to your post: speaking of which…

hooooooooooooly poop what about maybe jane maybe

finished! go take a peek at your page~ ^u^

it took me like three hours just to do the lines for this jeez

oh well here it is finished. The alpha kids are waiting for a train and cuddling and shit. this wound up kinda more as a practice in perspective and background than anything, but I still like how it came out.

if anyone wants to color this or whatever, let me know and I’ll send you the sai/psd file for it because I really don’t think I wanna put another three or four hours into colors on this… oTL

oh look I got bitch slapped with inspiration 

here have a WIP in which the alpha kids are waiting for a train and I suck at backgrounds and really pretty much anything that isn’t dorky cuddles

luckily there are some of those in the foreground




I made several version of these… and I actually like this one better… ; 7 ;

anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR! <3

I’ve been waiting all day for this~!

This is really beautiful. o:

dfskjsdjksgkj so PRETTY OMG *_*

I finally jumped on the badwagon


okay so I know it was actually only one day but CHRIST this fandom is too fast. it feels like longer =-=;;

anyway, Jane and Jake!